Dennis Smink

Creating An Arcade Game Machine - Part 1

Oct 27, 2020 · 1 minute read

Recently I came across an article about someone building his own Arcade Machine, I was stunned, it was so awesome to see. It completely brought me back to the 90's and the good old pixelated days.

This made me think, I can do this too. So I did.

The goal of this project was to do everything myself and from scratch (apart from the software).

I've decided to use the following products:

  • Medium-density fibreboard for the cabinet
  • Raspberry PI 4B 2GB for the game logics
  • Display - To be determined
  • A complete set for the buttons, joysticks and converter (Example set)

To start of with, I needed a design. So I just randomly googled arcade machines to get inspiration.

I wanted similar to this:

I've got a buddy that just started his own woodworking business and he needed to up his game with Sketch, so I let him drew up a design for an arcade cabinet, this was the result.

Fairly close to it and right in the style I need it to be. The person in the picture is modelled quite small (1.60m) while I am 1.82m to put it in perspective.

Keep your eye's on the lookout for part 2 where I will be setting up a simple use-case with the buttons, joysticks and Raspberry PI.